Analyze your personality, or synastry(chemistry) with your associates according to Birth Day and gender.
Please fill the below boxes with some of your information, and start analyzing!(Analyzing requires no money and no time.)
ex.) May 5, 1970
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<select name="m">
<option value="1">January
<option value="2">February
<option value="3">March
<option value="4">April
<option value="5">May
<option value="6">June
<option value="7">July
<option value="8">August
<option value="9">September
<option value="10">October
<option value="11">November
<option value="12">December
<input type="text" name="d" maxlength="2" size="4" value="" >,
<input type="text" name="y" maxlength="4" size="6" value="" >
<select name="s">
<option value="0">female</option>
<option value="1">male</option>
<input type="submit" value="perform augury"><br>
ex.) May 5, 1970<br> Powerd by <a href=""></a>

In occasion of analyzing the chemistry of George(a partner)and Laura(you)

  1. Input the Birthday and gender type to analyze.
  2. Input the name of partner(George) to the form to register the name which on the Last part of analysis.
  3. And then , input the name of Laura(you), Birth Day , sex type to analyze.
  4. The name of George (partner) appears on the analysis.

Sample of Analysis

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